LS Retail Academy On-demand

Learning at your fingertips with our e-learning courses

Our on-demand training can be in all types of formats such as videos, previous session recordings, e-learning content, and presentations. You can go through LS Retail courses at your own pace whenever it is convenient for you.

In collaboration with Reykjavik University, our courses were developed and recorded by experienced LS Retail consultants who specialize in the course topic.

On-demand access

Learn anywhere and anytime with 12 months of online access to the LS Retail Academy learning platform.

Price: 100 € per month, billed for the year with a total cost of 1200€ for a single registered participant

Discounts for multiple registrations at the same time: 10% for three to four, 15% for five or more, and 25% for ten or more. 

Courses included:

LS Central Introduction to LS Central CF-100
Update Service CF-110
Member management & Loyalty CF-140
LS Central for retail - General base CF-300
Advanced POS Setup for LS Central CF-320
LS Central for restaurants - General base CF-400
LS Central for hotels - General base CF-500
Analytics for LS Central - Architecture scenario 1 CF-800
Analytics for LS Central - Architecture scenario 2 CF-801
LS Central SaaS Course CF-900
  Introduction to LS Express (Updated!) EF-100


As courses are developed, they will be added to the LS Retail Academy learning system and included with your account access.

Upcoming courses: CF-710 eCommerce for LS Central, CF-700 Bookings for LS Central


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Please review our terms and conditions for the LS Retail Academy learning platform. Access is valid for the registered period of time starting from the date the account login information is sent to your registered email address. 


Some of our on-demand courses, such as the LS Central for retail – General base, also have an official certification that recognizes the consultant's expertise in the LS Retail software solution.

All certification tests have an associated fee and you will need to register for a test session. Please visit the certifications page for further information.

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