Onboarding LS Central in SaaS

The SaaS Onboarding team is dedicated to supporting and guiding you in your journey to LS Central in SaaS and making you successful in your first SaaS implementation. Below, you will find the steps to take before and upon your first deal being purchased.

1. Before any SaaS license Order

All partners must be an Indirect Reseller under Microsoft’s CSP program at the date of the first cloud license sold. Once your organization is set up in CSP, we will invite you to an introductory Onboarding session for LS Central in SaaS to cover the SaaS basics and answer any questions you might have.

If you missed the invite, please book an onboarding session here
Attending this session has now become mandatory for partners submitting an order for LS Central SaaS.

Prior to ordering any LS Central SaaS license, LS Retail requires that every partner has at least 1 employee certified on CF-900 LS Central SaaS training. Register for Course CF-900 on LS Retail Academy On-demand with "Full access" or "Starter plan".

For additional support after the onboarding session, you can book a meeting here (please make sure to provide as many details as possible so we can prepare for the right support).

Any technical support related to SaaS issues will no longer be provided free of charge unless the mandatory CF-900 certification has been completed.

2. Upon your first SaaS license Order

When you purchase your first SaaS license and your certification for CF-900 is completed, you will be invited to the Cloud Accelerator Program (CAP) designed to guide our partners in their first LS Central implementations in SaaS.

For any questions between CAP sessions, please contact the local LS Project Manager managing the CAP session.

Please contact LS Retail Partner Operations pops@lsretail.com if you need assistance to add SaaS to your Partner Agreement and to be set up in CSP as Indirect Reseller.

Use the 30-minute session link, and go through the Cloud Accelerator Program.
We're here to support you on your SaaS journey!