LS Retail Academy

Participants will need to register for a test session to take a certification test. All certification tests are made up of multiple-choice/response or true/false type questions and have a time limit*. The passing grade is 75%.

*CF-900 LS Central SaaS exam has a time limit of 45 minutes. The other certification exams have a 1-hour time limit.

Test Fee

All certification tests are 100 €

If you have a test session seat available with your on-demand account, or partner success/onboarding track; you can select to use this test seat on the registration form under the Payment options.


Participants must have access to on-demand courses to register for a certification test session. 

For LS Central certification test sessions, the following applies:

  • Participants have registered for on-demand learning and enrolled in the associated course
  • Participants should first pass the LS Central for retail Base certification exam prior to taking another certification exam
  • Participants register for a session available on the LS Retail Academy calendar. Registration should be submitted 3 working days before the test session date to ensure processing time
  • Certification tests are held online via Microsoft Teams with an LS Retail employee hosting the meeting
  • Video call is mandatory (Participants must have a functioning webcam)
  • For assistance, participants can contact the LS Retail employee by chat


Please contact LS Retail Academy at if you have any questions.

LS Retail Academy Certifications

Product Certification
LS Central LS Central for retail Base Certification
LS Central for restaurants Base Certification
LS Central for hotels Base Certification
LS Central SaaS Certification

Course Level Certification

Base level certification
  • The Base Level Certification includes the required training and certifications to earn the status of LS Retail Certified Partner

Core level certification
  • The Core Level Certification includes the training and certifications that are prerequisites for Specialized courses

Specialized level certification
  • The Specialized Level Certification includes advanced training and certifications related to specific topics to become a Specialized Partner in the targeted vertical(s)

Certifications are valid for three years and can be renewed by taking the associated course and exam

*Some certifications are not yet available

Academy courses Base Core Specialized Available On-demand
CF-100 Introduction to LS Central    X   X
CF-110 Update Service   X   X
CF-120 Solution Architecture of LS Central   X    
CF-130 Inventory Management   X    
CF-140 Member Management & Loyalty   X   X
CF-200 LS Central Support      X  
CF-210 Replenishment for LS Central     X  
CF-300 LS Central for retail - General base X     X
CF-320 Advance POS Setup for LS Central     X X
CF-400 LS Central for restaurants - General base   X   X
CF-500 LS Central for hotels - General base     X X
CF-600 LS Central for pharmacies - General base     X  
CF-700 Bookings for LS Central     X  
CF-710 eCommerce for LS Central     X  
CF-800 Analytics for LS Central   X   X
CF-900 LS Central SaaS X     X
CT-100 LS Central Technical Setup     X  
CT-200 LS Central AL Programming     X