LS Retail Academy

We offer test sessions for which participants can register to take a certification test, whether it is for a retake or test only. All certification tests are made up of multiple-choice/response or true/false type questions and have a time limit*. The passing grade is 75%.

*CF-305 LS Central for retail - Course for end-user and CF-900 LS Central SaaS exams have a time limit of 45 minutes. The other certification exams have a 1-hour time limit.

Test Fees

The Certification test fees are broken down into:
  • Single test fee: rate for one participant
  • Per additional participant fee: rate for additional participants from the same company attending the same certification and test session date

Product   Retake test Test only
LS Central Single test fee 150 € 250 €
Per additional participant fee 30 € 30 €
LS One Single test fee 100 € 200 €
Per additional participant fee 30 € 30 €


A participant that has completed an on-demand training course with certification can register for a test session to take the certification test.

A participant also has the option to take a certification test without attending the associated course. This is only recommended for participants with high-level knowledge of the subject. Generally, participants that have passed a certification test without attending the course previously are those that have been using the product for years.

The test only option is not available for the LS Central SaaS Certification. 

For all LS Central certification test only sessions, the following applies:
  • Participants register for a session available on the LS Retail Academy calendar.
  • Certification tests are held online via Microsoft Teams with an LS Retail employee hosting the meeting.
  • Video call is mandatory (Participants must have a functioning webcam).
  • For assistance, participants can contact the LS Retail employee by chat.
  • Participants that have not taken a course associated with the certification can take the certification test only once. If a participant does not pass, the participant must complete the corresponding training course in order to retake the certification test.

For a retake session, the following applies:
  • A retake is available for participants who have previously attended or have completed an on-demand course and did not pass the corresponding certification test.
  • Participants can retake a test no later than 4 weeks after the end of the course or after taking the first test.
  • Participants can only retake a test once. If a participant does not pass the retake test, they will need to complete the course again and take the certification test at that time. If the certification is for an on-demand course, and a participant does not pass the retake test and requests to take it again, the cost will be the original test only fee.

LS One certification tests are optional, the following applies:
  • Participants will be able to schedule a date to take the test which will be available any time on that date.
  • Participants can retake the test. If a participant does not pass the retake test and requests to take it again, the cost will be the original test only fee.

Please contact LS Retail Academy at if you have any questions.

LS Retail Academy Certifications

Product Certification Course level
LS Central LS Central for retail Base Certification CF-300
LS Central for retail (end-user level) Certification CF-305
LS Central for restaurants Base Certification CF-400
LS Central for hotels Base Certification CF-500
LS Central SaaS Certification CF-900
LS One LS One Functional Certification OF-100

LS One Development Certification