Hotfix for versions 2020.1-2020.3 of LS Insight

We have discovered an error in versions 2020.1-2020.3 of LS Insight. When we made the move from Azure Data Factory to Azure Data Factory v2, we neglected to move one of the Data warehouse pipelines to v2.

The missing pipeline is called "fItemCostAdjustment" and is a SQL select statement to fill the table DW.fItemCostAdjustment using FULL LOAD as this captures the cost adjustments in the Value Entry staging table.

You can update your current LS Insight setup with the below hotfix:

LS Insight 2020.3 Update to 2020.3.1 (zip)

Run and follow the ApplyFixes update script, and provide the following paths:

  • Initial LS Insight product folder that contains the parameters.txt file
  • Initial LS Insight project folder – created by the initial LS Insight setup process
  • Hotfix folder called ‚AllPipelineFixes‘ and is located in the Update folder you just downloaded

This will add the missing pipeline to your LS Insight setup in Azure.

About LS Insight

LS Insight is a BI solution that gives you access to all the data analysis power and reporting options you need – with none of the complications attached to building your own data warehouse. The product consists of a data warehouse for storing historical data, Azure Data Factory (V2) for data movement and Power BI templates for reporting.

LS Insight is built by LS Retail on Power BI, which is Microsoft’s Business Intelligence service in the cloud. When you use LS Insight, you get access to reporting optimized datasets, and all the Microsoft Power BI reports with their advanced calculations and relationships.

You can download it for free, and use as is, or as a base for your data warehouse and Business intelligence environment.

The installation files include a PowerShell script that will create a data warehouse in Azure SQL and Azure Data Factory (V2) environment, both in your Azure account, with all the data movement pipelines needed.  

Everything you need to know about the setup and running of LS Insight is explained in the onboarding process. We recommend reviewing the documentation and prerequisites before starting the process. When you are ready simply fill out the form below to download the LS Insight product package. You can also watch a recording of a webinar that presents an overview of the product and explains how to get started with LS Insight.

Here is an architecture overview of the product: 


To get a downloadable link with the files needed to set LS Insight up please fill out the below form and you will receive an e-mail with a link to the project folder.