LS Retail corporate branding

Branding has an important place in the day-to-day operations of LS Retail and we want to help our partners and associates to brand our products properly by providing the necessary tools and material. Below you will find links to our Brand Guide, which has all the information you need on the use of LS Retail and product logos and their use.

Also available is our corporate PowerPoint template with a user-walkthrough presentation. Please use the template only for presentations featuring LS Retail products.

The corporate logos and product logos are available for download below. Please read the LS Retail Brand Guide before you start using the logos to ensure that you follow the guidelines. Please contact if you need further information

Brand guide

LS Retail color palette (PDF)
LS Retail color palette (ase).zip

PowerPoint template

Company logos


Top versions

Zip download all colors - png & eps 0.8 MB


Top white Top blue Top charcoal


Side versions

Zip download all colors - png & eps 0.8 MB






Side white Side blue Side charcoal